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Updated: 9 May 2020 

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Biggmall is committed to ensure that all its products and services meet customer expectations in all respects, all through the product life cycle, from conception to delivery and during post-sales activities, including the service and quality management.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. We invest considerable time understanding what our customers want and need most, where other agencies fall short, and what it takes to excel. Biggmall’s culture has evolved to Total Quality, Environment Management and then to Sustainable Excellence, progressively enlarging its scope of commitment and always keeping customer satisfaction at the core of its values and business strategy. Listening to the voice of customers, fulfilling their needs and expectations and building a strong partnership with them is the key to the success of Biggmall.

Our Guarantee of Work

We’re 100% committed to your satisfaction. If you feel you aren’t getting the value you deserve, you decide a reasonable amount of your investment you want back. We feel this confident about our work and the experience we can deliver you.

Five Areas of Excellence

Biggmall has identified five areas of excellence that contribute to customer satisfaction:

Innovation and R&D

Business Excellence

Supply Chain



Measurement of Customer Satisfaction

Biggmall measures customer satisfaction through a specific process composed of:

Internal feedback

External customer feedback

External market feedback

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