Sin Boon Kee Penang Kopi-O (No sugar/kosong)

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Your Preferred Coffee Specialist Since the 1940s

What We Do

Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory uses Robusta coffee beans from Indonesia to produce their local coffee. Robusta is one of the world’s most sought after coffee bean. It comes from a resilient plant that is able to grow in low altitudes of 200-800 meters. Robusta’s strong and unique taste is the main reason it is used to produce Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory’s local coffee.


How It Started

Sin Boon Kee Factory was founded by Chan Kok Tong in 1948. It all started with a passion – a passion in making quality coffee. Over the years, we have established ourselves to be one of the most trusted coffee suppliers, providing consumers high quality coffee powder in its truest form.

Penang Kopi-O 2in1

Our famous traditional black coffee with sugar added. Made of our premium selected Robusta beans, our local favourite beverage is roasted specially with margarine to preserve its unique aroma and taste, preserving its ‘kaw’ (thickness) taste together with a nice bittersweet balance while served hot.

Ozzy Baharuddin


Old skool yet delicious aroma coffee. Truly satisfied with fast delivery too. Recommended for coffee lover.

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